Reviews for Galveston ( 2018 ) 1080p

Waste of time

By: crosbyp12003
The entire movie was dark...... no great story a jumble of nothingness......didn't make since....we just know it took place in Galveston...

Dumb don't wast an hour an a half

Silly story not to watch again

By: amin-nasr
Dont be fooled by the cover. The movie is boring, very slow, and the poor actore spent his time in the car lol.

Starts slow but builds up.

By: steveo7777
Ben foster and Elle fanning give great performances in this movie its relaitable and powerful. The saying Behind every good man is a strong woman is true.

Superb Acting from both leads in a story that will break your heart.

By: SnowObsessed
I'm a huge Ben Foster fan so I had to give this a watch and his acting never disappoints. Elle Fanning showed her evolving talent in this one for sure. It was definitely hard to watch at some parts but only because you forget this is a film and you almost feel like you're watching someone's real life story. With that said, real life doesn't usually provide closure or meaning, we often don't find redemption or have a chance to enact revenge on the "bad guy" (this movie is filled with characters society would label as bad anyway) and for sure doesn't end with a happy ending. This story could easily be the life or lives of someone you happened to read about in the newspapers one day and thought, "WOW, how does someone's life end up like this?" This is one such backstory, I'm sure. It was cruel and also sweet. Cute but also sad. Most of all, it was very REAL which is why I think it will leave its imprint on the heart!

Logline does a disservice to this AMAZING film

By: goldi-38533
If I had read this logline first, I would have passed on watching this incredible film. It is NOT an action drama about a hitman seeking revenge, and anyone thinking it is will be sorely disappointed (likely the reason for the low rating and some of the negative reviews here). It is a poignant, gritty crime drama about a mob enforcer seeking redemption. Heartbreaking, haunting and hopeful in the end, it is worth watching for the performance of Elle Fanning alone. The characters are well-drawn, the acting superb, the writing is compelling and the directing is intelligent - focussing on the aftermath and reactions to acts of extreme violence rather than going for visual shock value. The soundtrack also deserves a mention, supporting the plot without overwhelming it, in particular Fanning's a capella impromptu solo. This film deserves way more attention than it got and if it suffers from anything, it's poor marketing. Highly recommended.

Elle trying to stretch her acting

By: SnoopyStyle
It's 1988 New Orleans. Roy (Ben Foster) is diagnosed with terminal cancer. He's a hitman sent to kill a crime lord but the man isn't there. He ends up rescuing captive Rocky (Elle Fanning). She's 19 and hoping to work as an escort. She refuses to leave his side as he sets off on a road trip to Galveston.

Famed French actress Mélanie Laurent is the director. She has a good visual eye. The story flows well but it does have a few bumps on the road. Foster is playing the strong, silent type but it would serve the movie well if he has more conversations with Rocky. I like most of their interactions. Elle's big emotional scene does go too hard. Obviously, Mélanie directed her to stretch out her acting skills but she may not be capable yet. Also I think it would be more powerful if she tries to stifle her pain inside. When Roy gets to his destination, the scene needs some more depth to the reason why he needed to see that woman. It also doesn't make sense that he would return to Rocky unless it is set up better. Overall, Foster continues to be an underrated actor and Elle is at least trying to do more than being the ingenue.

Very simple well written and amazing performance

By: krichemen
If you ever watched true detective show I mean the season one it's just like you are watching another epesoid of that rocking show it's dark and good movie to watch

Excellent, touching movie

By: andyngkaho
The two main actors excellent, very sad story but touchingDon't miss

Outstanding true filmmaking you don't see coming from Hollywood nowadays.

By: TheTopDawg
I was expecting a Hollywood ending, and didn't get it, yet I appreciate this film even more because of it.

This film was an outstanding true film noir (Google it) and the finest in filmmaking you don't see made in Hollywood anymore, as today's viewers wan't more action and thrills. I am one of those people, and I can't stand slow paced films, but this film is that one rare exception.

It's an emotional roller coaster ride that leaves you wanting more, and although it doesn't fulfill your expectations at the end, it's still a rare true artistic gem of a production.

Directing by Mélanie Laurent was perfection. The writing by Nic Pizzolatto was great, although I would like to have seen a little more 'drama' and 'action' added to the script, but that's just me. I also felt the ending was a little rushed and could have been more impactful. The length was perfect, but I wouldn't complain if it was longer with less of a rushed ending. The cinematography and score were on point. Ben Foster and Elle Fanning were outstanding, and all other cast members were great, although I felt Beau Bridges slick hair character would have been better cast by a more gangster looking actor - say Tommy Flanagan.

This film isn't for everyone, hence some of the low ratings, but for those who appreciate an excellent old fashion story-telling production out of the Hollywood ordinary, that has heart, this is for you.

A well deserved 8/10 from me.

Great storyline

By: viviheart
So this movie surprised me in so many levels. It's mature and th storyline is amazing.

Top class acting good story and emotional

By: rickscfc
This is my first review so might be a bit basic the acting was quality not a load of dialogue but straight to the point never dragged at one point if you want action don't watch but drama and emotions it's full of give it a go you will enjoy

Slow at times, but a nice story

By: ddoouubblleemm
Slow at times, but a nice story overall. Both leads do as much as possible with the seemingly lower budget.

depressiv state of the art

By: ops-52535
I have a weird feeling, just like i'm an old rag after watching this many ways it assembles to ''florida project'',but on another level.the acting a fenomenal,the filmography are on the top shelf,the editing and direction are flawless,and the story were told explicably.there are so much depression and desperation in the story and in the acting....its soooo sore and at the same time magesticly done.death at ths level are for the very best to act and direct,you cant dig deeper than this,have a look and experience it yourself.

Noir indie reassurance that there are still great film makers out there not employed by marvel comics.

By: reginalaurawebster
As a movie buff I somehow managed to miss this one.

I began with a usual low expectation and even suggested that Ben Foster was a budget Ryan Gosling. What a fool he made of me.

Beautifully judged by the director. Heart achingly real. Fanning was memorising, particularly her ability to be brave enough to be an ugly crier because who does cry and still look pretty. I dare you not to want to hug Ben Foster at any future opportunity.

This is a beautiful, heart wrenching story that tells an honest tale of violence, survival and truth. I loved all the characters, even the bad ones.

The director has a feel for what the audience wants and even though I cried I was happy.

Very finely crafted movie

By: diedaily77
Superbly scripted and acted, equally well shot, for me this movie surprised and intensified throughout, despite that there was no novel subject matter in it per se. It takes aspects of a variety of fairly common and well-explored themes (crime, betrayal, abuse, futility, rescue, flight, and then risk and the possibility of redemption) but it handles them carefully, without excess exposition, and with an exquisite, light-handed attention to small details. The soundtrack, especially the lyrics of the many mostly plaintive background songs, are worth a re-listen in their own right and, for me, they constantly subliminally reinforced the work of both the actors and the filmmakers. Best film I've seen in a while.

Not Great.

By: jv-89923
This movie could have been better.The title is alil misleading in someway.The story is back and fouth.The ending is just that, a ending.. there is no back up to that ending.


By: jcrea-14099
Kept you watching but disappointing some stuff made no sense and the ending was terrible and left you with 100 questions interesting at first but so disappointed. Will not watch again

I love it, but I'll never watch it for the second time.

By: 404pages
A silent, sad story. Too real. I love it, but I'll never watch it for the second time.

Shockingly Intelligent

By: the-real-max-g-force
It's hard to believe a movie this smart got made. It's not going to be a big money maker due to how mature and sophisticated the story is, the average mouth breathing popcorn muncher will not understand it.Every character, situation, reaction and outcome is absolutely real. As a result it causes the viewer to experience real emotions while they're watching it, and after.If you're capable of focusing on just one thing for 90 minutes, then I can recommend you watch Galveston. If you're a phone fiddler then don't bother.

Just alright

By: remembervhs
Stories like this are tired: violent criminal develops sensitive relationship with teenage girl and their lives are changed as a result.

The acting here is better than passable, but it's not extraordinary.

The ending was powerful, and took me by surprise. It elevated what felt like a perfunctory movie.
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