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By: panagiotinispap
I find little to no words to describe this movie! What an incredible film, how great is the actress's performance, the storyline and the overall Essence of the film. A Great Movie!!

An inspirational story of life

By: leslie-blair080253
Beautiful Scottish scenery with excellent acting and a story of never giving in to ageing

Lacks realism

By: jdav-96904
The northern path from Lochinver would have been a hell of a lot easier.


By: goldismine
Fantastic,Awe-inspiring two words I will use for this gentle tale of indurance for an elderly women, with the will to carry on and achieve what she set out to do,,, the lead actress is beautifully aged and funny and humerus accompanied by a good actor beside her,, well done to the director for this light easy to watch wonderful movie

What a beautiful movie!

By: johnmichaelchristian
This film has so much heart, courage and determination that it should be rated at least an 8.5 or higher in my estimation. Be willing to dig a little deeper than any fault you may find with the script or whatever else you might see as "wrong", and you will find that this is a beautiful, heartfelt film that has the power to reconnect you to a deeper part of yourself and to humanity, friendship and the caring that lies within everyone, and that it can indeed touch you in most beautiful and profound ways.

A positive glimpse about the hateful age.

By: wildiechickie
Inspiring, sad, joyful feelings are well blended in this movie. You taste the bitter side of being limited in physical ability due to ages, yet also taste the inspiration of who was once wild child at heart. The will to go for adventure might had been slept long but it had been awake at last. It's never too late to start something.

Sheila Hancock: 10 stars

By: MariaLovesWentworth
If it was only about rating the acting of this wonderful actress I would have given 10 stars. She alone is worth watching this inspiring movie. It could have a bit more wit and some more pace here and there but beside that, it is a beautiful movie to tell us not to wait for better times and instead doing what we dream of. The fantastic scenery of Scotland is also helping and so is Kevin Guthrie, who plays the very helpful guide authentically.

A mixed bag

By: martinnbrown
No, I'm not referring to the wonderful Sheila Hancock! The underlying theme for both protagonists is "don't continue wasting your life" and "it's never too late". Using the staggering beauty of the Scottish highlands as a backdrop, 83 year old Edie and 30ish Jonny embark on a journey up a mountain(don't worry, there's no sex). The story is simple, the script is just about bearable, though forced at times but Hancock's performance is amazing. I have nothing but admiration for her ability to tackle this range of emotions and the purely physical demands of filming.The ending was rather sudden for me but the film was enjoyable. However "Best film ever" as one reviewer said, umm, no, I don't think so!

Must watch

By: hanalomas
I thoroughly enjoyed this film! Utterly heartwarming and very well filmed


By: mattvalenzia
Incredible film, incredible set, unreal music. Such an important subject which does not get enough attention, but still accessible and interesting to a wide audience. Loved it, would recommend to all.

Truly Inspiring

By: georgiahehir-92371
Follow the wonderful tale of Edith Moore (Sheila Hancock) as she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to rekindle childhood memories that have been clouded over by the fear of growing old. Employing Jonny (Kevin Guthrie) as a trainer and guide, we watch the relationship between two entirely different generations bond over their mutual love for the outdoors.

The soundtrack, created by Debbie Wiseman, is totally immersive and wholly original, adding to the beautiful depth of emotion that is explored.

The performances of Hancock and Guthrie aren't ones to miss, presenting you with feelings of disbelief and love for these two totally different characters.

A must watch, for those who want to be inspired, as well as those who want to watch a simplistic but not simple film.


By: dstothert
Such an enjoyable heart warming film. Makes you realise its never to late to achieve something in your life!

really good film

By: rcl-5
Have just seen this at the Raindance but gather it is getting a UK wide release spring 2018. Lovely film at so many levels - reminded me in parts of Local Hero - beautiful Scottish countryside and a performance of her life from Sheila Hancock.

Other cast are excellent too - Kevin Guthrie is spot on - not overplayed - a man struggling with where is in life.

A thought provoking film as to what we should do with our lives.

It's a gem.

Enjoyable, but at times obvious

By: euroGary
"We made this film for an audience" declared director Simon Hunter at the 2017 Edinburgh International Film Festival's world premiere of 'Edie'. That begs the question "For who else would you make a film?", but Hunter subsequently explained the intention was to produce a feel-good work, and in that he has certainly succeeded.

Newly-widowed after thirty years of nursing a demanding and invalid husband, Edie Moore (Sheila Hancock) is preparing to move into an old people's home when on a whim she decides to attempt a long-held ambition to climb a Scottish mountain. She employs local camping shop owner Jonny (Kevin Guthrie) as her guide and - when it turns out she is not as prepared as she thinks she is - her trainer. The relationship between this odd couple forms much of the film.

Nowadays I am more familiar with Hancock through her duties as guest panelist on BBC Radio Four's 'Just a Minute'. But she is still a dominant screen presence, believably conveying Edie's journey from resignation, determination, despair, back again to determination. The script allows Guthrie less scope, although personally I'm happy to just sit and look at him - very few men can look sexy in a beanie hat!

Director Hunter over-eggs the pudding at times: the opening scenes featuring Edie's life as a drudge are shot almost exclusively with her dressed in dull beige against a background of constant rain and in rooms blanketed in Stygian darkness (for Heaven's sake, turn the bloody lights on!); while scenes of great emotion are accompanied by about five orchestras' worth of violins. There is more than a hint of soap opera about some aspects of the film (the sub-plot involving Jonny's girlfriend's quest for a bank loan could easily have been deleted with no loss to the viewer). But overall this is an enjoyable film and I shall probably look at it again when it turns up on television.

A beautiful film in so many ways.

By: mike-s-mcgrail
I was very lucky to be invited to the premiere of Edie at the Edinburgh International Film Festival last night and can honestly say it's one of the most incredible films I've seen. Its beauty lies in many things, but chiefly the relationship between the lead character of Edie (Sheila Hancock) and Jonny (rising star, Kevin Guthrie), two people from vastly different generations, that grows as the story progresses and tugs at your heart and mind.

Edie makes you think about your own relationships with the 'elderly' people that are in or have graced your life and shows that age doesn't matter; we can all learn and have bonds with those older and younger than us.

There are many other relationships that come under inspection in the film, from the domineering influence on Jonny of his girlfriend, to the old friend who's bad news but Jonny can't shake off. The tense relationship between Edie and her daughter is one that many will recognise and reflect on.

The sense of adventure that envelopes Edie, released after a life spent in the majority under a cloud of command delivered by her husband, is one that many of us feel, but too few put into action, and for many, when they realise that, it can be too late. Not for Edie, who decides to tackle one of Scotland's toughest climbs, Suilven. That journey becomes the focal point of the film, with all of the relationships and soul searching I mentioned earlier perfectly intertwined throughout.

The other magical beauty of this film is Scotland. The landscapes and nature this film capture are truly awesome and incredibly shot. As a Scot you can't help but feel proud, but also I did feel pangs of guilt for not having seen more of my own backyard! There's plenty time left and I'll be exploring it with my family.

Sheila Hancock delivers the performance of a lifetime, she's an absolute legend, who at 84 offers a strong reminder that age is but a number. Her delivery of humour, emotion and duress is impeccable.

Kevin Guthrie, who appears in the upcoming Dunkirk, was the perfect choice for the part of Jonny, appearing beside an actor of the experience and skill of Sheila must be daunting, but he more than held his own. I was lucky enough to chat to both Sheila and Kevin after and the mutual fondness was very clear to see.

The supporting actors are strong, particularly that of McLaughlin, played by Paul Brannigan, who delivers the 'loveable rogue' character with aplomb, the sort of pal you want and don't want at the same time!

I cant fault Edie. I've genuinely never felt such a range of emotions while watching a film. The script, characters, direction and production a real triumph. Don't miss it and be sure to enjoy it on the big screen.
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